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Jeanilyn Kwan was born in Lagos, Nigeria three months after Ted Bundy’s execution. She now lives 8,000 miles away from “home” with hopes to one day explore the mind of a serial killer. Because of the dual citizenship ban in her father's country, she really can't call herself a Filipino-Singaporean. So far, she has authored 10 serious poems, more or less, as well as other nonsense which you can find in a few publications and websites. Her most prized accolade is a Formal Notice of Tardiness from the English proficiency writing center she once worked for.

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I spent most of my college years in the company of Anthony Falcon. We were what you could call the “best of mates” (who never actually mated :p) - classmates, groupmates, seatmates, lunchmates, thesismates. When he decided to join DLSU-D’s Teatro Lasalliana back in 2006, I only thought he wanted to do it for kicks. Little did I know that theatre acting would eventually become his bread and butter.

His most recent play, "Bombita" (a black comedy about military rookies written by Tony Perez), is now down to its last two shows. Catch it while you can at the CCP on October 22 (8PM) and October 23 (3PM). For tickets, call Ticketworld at (02) 891-9999 or visit the CCP Box Office.

* In photos: Anthony and yours truly as “He” and “She” for Daryl Brecio’s version of the very interesting 10-minute dialogue, “Illuminati in Drama Libre,” originally written by Alice Gerstenberg. Photos courtesy of Seth Lospe. (Yes, for once in my life, not only was I a star in a play, I also shared the victory of “Best Performance.” Mwa-ha-ha-ha!)

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